Our history

John Mullen and Company, Inc. is a solely-owned Hawaii corporation founded by John P. Mullen (1920 – 2002) and Margaret Mullen (1924 - 2004) in 1959.  Based in Honolulu, we service claims throughout Hawaii and the Pacific Basin, including Johnston Island, Kwajalein and American Samoa.

As the largest independent multi-line adjusting firm in the State of Hawaii, we handle the complete investigation and adjustment of automobile, bodily injury, general liability, property, state and federal level workers’ compensation, marine, travel accident and temporary disability claims. John Mullen and Company employs nearly 90 employees including a staff of 40 licensed adjusters and appraisers, 5 intake claim representatives, 2 registered nurse case managers, and 9 supervisory personnel. We have employees that speak and/or are able to translate the following languages: Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Filipino, Samoan and Korean.

Company Officers:
• John "Terry" Mullen, President
• Sara Mullen, Chief Operating Officer
• Laurie Hagedorn, Manager, Human Resources
• Jim Granata, General Manager
• Christina Griffin, Workers Compensation Manager
• Cyndy Knudson, Senior Director, Finance & Information Systems

John Mullen and Company, Inc. values each client relationship and strives to ensure that each client achieves the most proficient and successful insurance program. Thorough and prompt loss investigation and adjustment, active and consistent communication with all parties, prompt delivery of benefits owed, and firm resistance to undeserving claims are all essential. The absence of any of these loss control factors will certainly undermine the cost effectiveness of a program.

Mullen employees work with the values that they have determined to be the best means of succeeding in our company mission. Mullen sets very high standards for technical expertise, timeliness, integrity and work quality. We value the loyalty of our employee and expect them to work with enthusiasm and integrity, in the spirit of fairness and compromise, and always treating both fellow workers and customers with dignity, respect and compassion. This strong emphasis on the humanistic side of claims adjustment is not a standard practice or a marketing ploy; it is what sets a Mullen adjuster apart from the typical adjuster. This philosophy reflects the implicit values of the founders, John P. and Margaret Mullen, and it cultivated as an explicit corporate expectation in all work-related relationships.

Our staff is eager to assist you and your claims requirements. We pride ourselves in being professionals, employing only the best practices in our day-to-day routine, continuously improving in our processes, and being focused and obsessed with quality. What we have to offer is unsurpassed excellence and a quality experience. We have been doing business in Hawaii for half a century.