John P Mullen
In Memory of John P. Mullen

John Mullen 1930sMr. John P. Mullen was born in Motherwell, Scotland, June 26, 1920. His family left Scotland when he was eight years old and relocated to Chicago, Illinois. John studied in a seminary for nine years, graduated from the University of St. Mary in Mundelein, Illinois, and entered military service in 1945. He served as a Counter Intelligence Officer in Germany during World War II, and was fluent in seven languages. John met his future wife Maggie during his tour in Germany. They were married in San Francisco in 1947. They had two children, Terry and Jan, and three grandchildren, Sara, Ryan and Sean.

In 1958, Mr. and Mrs. Mullen came to Hawaii on a free trip – the inaugural flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines. On October 1, 1959, Mr. Mullen founded John Mullen and Company, Inc.

Mr. Mullen held the positions of president of the Hawaii Insurance Claims Managers Association, director of the Hawaii Insurers Council and of the Hawaii Insurance Guaranty Committee. He was also a gubernatorial appointee to the Hawaii Judicial Selection Committee. In addition, Mr. Mullen participated in community activities and served as a Eucharistic Minister, providing communion to patients at Queen’s Hospital. He was involved with the Catholic Social Services and was an usher at Holy Trinity Catholic Church for 40 years. Mr. Mullen was the head of the Mullen Foundation, which is responsible for many charitable family and education oriented assistance.

John P. Mullen was well-loved and respected in the insurance industry for his compassion, integrity and sense of humor, nationally and especially in Hawaii. He had a great life and will be missed.


General Robert McDermott - Chairman Emeritus, USAA
"John Mullen and Company was USAA's right hand in Hawaii for over 40 years. To USAA members, John did not represent USAA, he was USAA. As head of USAA for 25 years, I recognized this special relationship by presenting him with a USAA employee ring that he wore until his death. He lived and served by the Golden Rule. He was my friend and I will miss him."

From long time friend Danny Kaleikini – Local Entertainer
"I have so much Aloha for John Mullen and he is a long time friend. I always say, he is Haole, but he has a Hawaiian heart. I have seen him in action at Queen’s Hospital doing his work. John Mullen saw yesteryear and had a vision of yesteryear, today and tomorrow. Mr. Mullen always had a smile. He shared his Aloha, not only with family, but with many others and in his work for God. Aloha Ke Koa."

Robin K. Campaniano – Previous Insurance Commissioner of State of Hawaii
Currently President and CEO of AIG Hawaii Insurance Company
"John was such an honorable man – I don’t know how else to say it – he was such an honorable man. When I was the Insurance Commissioner there were several people I could trust implicitly and he was one of the few. If I were to ask of anyone that they be as honest and forthright as they can---that was the image of John Mullen. That was heartfelt – I really mean it. He was such a good guy! Missing him is one thing, but it would be a shame if we did not learn lessons from him. His life would be wasted if people did not try to live life the way he did…and that was honest and straightforward and forthright…. and to the fullest. He was a prince of a man."

Message from Connie Black of Board of Directors at Queen’s Hospital
"The general feeling is that Mr. Mullen had a happy countenance as he was always smiling. We appreciate that he served our patients who requested him to be with them during Communion. We all share a general appreciation to him for what he did for many of our patients."