Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation administration for insurance carriers, self-insured entities, and governmental agencies accounts for more than 50% of Mullen’s claim volume and demonstrates our commitment and ability to manage and control a significant employer expense in the State of Hawaii. Mullen’s Workers Compensation Department handles approximately 10% of the total volume of worker’s compensation cases generated annually in the entire State. This area of insurance claims has been an integral part of our business since 1959. Our clients include insurance carriers, captives, self-insurers, and third party administrators.

Our management group has been active legislatively in virtually every workers compensation legislative and regulatory reform since statehood. Workers compensation is not a project to be completed in the normal sense of Mullen’s business acquisition planning. Our approach is to develop long-term relationships with each and every client we approach.

The Workers’ Compensation Department is comprised of highly experienced adjusters licensed in the State of Hawaii. Our team employs proactive claims handling techniques to include thorough and prompt investigations, addressing return to work issues with 24 hours of claim assignment, consideration of early intervention of medical case managers and/or independent medical evaluations where appropriate. We provide extensive quality control provisions with no added cost to the client. Adjusters, supervisors, support personnel operate as a team, to provide quality claims handling services which are necessary to avoid penalties and sanctions. This also ensures goodwill towards the injured work or their representative, medical care providers, the Department of Labor, ADR members and all other vendors. As a multi-line adjusting company, we are capable of providing expertise in the area of subrogation investigation. A senior casualty adjuster will partner with a workers compensation adjuster to ensure that any potential third party cases are fully investigated for the recovery of the client’s lien rights.

Telephonic Nurse Case Management

John Mullen & Company introduced Nurse Case Management Services (NCMS) in March of 2006. This service was created for our clients in order to provide a more cost effective approach of medical management for Workers Compensation Claims. NCMS is a subsidiary of John Mullen & Company and we have our own in house registered nurses on premises at our main office. TCM (Telephonic Case Management) has been instrumental in facilitating timely medical care and expedited return to work. TCMs are trained and instructed to immediately address modified duty with the employer. Upon confirmation by employer that modified duty is available, the TCM will continue to make contact with the attending physician and injured worker until such time a release to return to work is secured. In cases where the duration of limited duty is prolonged, the TCM will secure a job description and coordinate functional capacity evaluation in order to determine the claimants’ actual work capabilities.

TCM services are terminated once it is confirmed that the injury worker has returned to work.

This is another service that John Mullen & Company provides their clients for their convenience allowing you to get the best product at a fraction of the cost.

Third Party Administration

John Mullen & Company has evolved into the preeminent Independent Adjusting and Third Party Administration Company in the State of Hawaii. We represent many insurance companies, self insured, and captive companies across the entire spectrum of insurance claims.